Your dock manufacturer in Montreal for individuals and businesses

O Quai Dock Quai manufactures docks in Montreal and custom walkways to meet the needs of the residential and commercial sector. Proud of more than 15 years of know-how, the craftsmen behind the company build docks with quality materials to allow you to enjoy your water points.

Custom wharf construction in Montreal

Do you want to get the most out of your water point on your residential or commercial land? Have a dock installed in Montreal to make better use of your water point. The craftsmen at O ​​Quai Dock Quai manufacture your docks with quality materials and innovative construction techniques.

By doing business with O Quai Dock Quai to obtain a dock, you can ensure a tailor-made service. All quay projects are carried out taking into account:


  • The specifics of your land
  • The dimensions of the platform you want
  • The regulations in force concerning the docks in your area
  • The accessories you want to add
  • The use of your dock

An all-in-one dock installation service in Montreal!

Do you want to install stairs for your platform? Would you like to install benches for your dock in Montreal? Share all your requests with the artisans at O ​​Quai Dock Quai. You get an all-in-one service that encompasses your dock design right through to the final dock installation with accessories.

Dock repair in Montreal

Do you already own a dock in Montreal and want to give it a facelift? O Quai Dock Quai offers you a dock repair service in Montreal. Craftsmen replace broken pieces to renovate the dock with materials that harmonize with the original design.

Have your dock repaired as soon as you notice any sign of wear. By undertaking repairs quickly, you will save money in the long run by preventing the damage from escalating.

O Quai Dock Quai: your dock craftsman in Montreal for over 15 years


O Quai Dock Quai has been proud to be able to manufacture custom and high quality docks in Montreal for over 15 years. The team uses the best materials on the market and builds docks that are both durable and stylish.

All the craftsmen remain attentive to your needs and make sure that your dock meets your expectations. You will appreciate the care taken in all the details and the solidity of the final product.

Contact O Quai Dock Quai for a free quote

Take advantage of your water point on your land by having your dock made in Montreal by experienced craftsmen. For over 15 years, O Quai Dock Quai has been building custom docks to meet the needs of the residential and commercial sector. All docks are carefully installed and are designed to last and blend in with your architecture. Contact O Quai Dock Quai today for a free quote!