Discover our docks and boat elevators from leading brands

O-Quai-Dock-Quai is proud not only to design and manufacture our own docks, but also to be an authorized distributor for leading marine brands. This combination enables us to offer you a range of products to meet all your needs for the design of your aquatic space.

Quais Bertrand

Sturdiness and durability that stand the test of time

Discover resilience with Quais Bertrand. Our docks aren’t just built, they’re forged to last. Each structure is meticulously designed to offer you maximum safety and unwavering stability, even under the harshest conditions. With Quais Bertrand, you’re investing in peace of mind, knowing that your dock will stand the test of time and the elements.

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State-of-the-art boat elevators

Elevate your boating experience with Sunstream boat elevators. These revolutionary systems guarantee ease of use and rock-solid reliability. Designed with the modern boater in mind, our elevators make it easy to raise and lower your boat, providing quick and safe access to the water. Ideal for boating enthusiasts, Sunstream makes storing your boat a pleasure.

Sunwalk Dock

Sunwalk Dock

Composite docks for lasting elegance (below photo)
Explore the possibilities with docks from Sunwalk Dock, the perfect solution for those looking to combine aesthetics and durability. Weather-resistant, easy to maintain and visually appealing, our docks offer you the best of both worlds. Enjoy exceptional performance and a design that enhances your aquatic space, making every moment at the water’s edge even more special.

Committed to quality and satisfaction

Our partnership with these trusted brands allows us to offer you additional options that complement our range of locally manufactured products. When you choose O-Quai-Dock-Quai, you benefit from our expertise and dedication to providing complete solutions that enhance your waterfront experience.

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At O-Quai-Dock-Quai, we’re proud of our collaboration with renowned brands such as Quais Bertrand, Sunstream and Sunwalk, guaranteeing durable and aesthetic solutions for all your dock and boat elevator needs. Would you like to find out more about our products and services, or discuss your options with our partner brands?

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