Having a custom-made dock, the winning solution!

Building a dock on your water access is undoubtedly the best way to take advantage of it! Whether you like waters sports or not, your dock can be used to store your boats as well as to allow you restore your energy with a magnificent view of the lake.

If you wish to enhance your experience, opt for a custom-made dock manufacturer! Nothing could be easier when you do business with a craftsman here. Find out why having a custom dock is the winning solution!

Customize your dock to match your ambitions!

Having a dock built by a professional dock manufacturer is above all treating yourself and bringing your ambitions to life! By working with a craftsman specializing in dock construction, you can tell them about your plans and how you want to use it.

Today a dock is more than just mooring your boats. You can make it

  • A water terrace to welcome loved ones
  • A peaceful place to meditate and practice sports
  • An outdoor lounge on the water to read and enjoy the view of the lake

Obviously, your custom-made dock can just as easily be used only to moor your boats and other marine craft.

Respect the environment and the regulations by having a custom dock installed!

Dock installation undertaken by an amateur risk disturbing the surrounding natural environment. What is more, depending on the municipality and the condition of your land, regulations are in effect to protect wetlands. A professional dock maker will take the time to analyze your water access and make sure to build a custom dock that won’t be a big disturbance to nature.

By calling on an expert in dock manufacturing, you also avoid the heavy task of having to check all the regulations with your municipality as explained by Environment Quebec. You just have to focus on the projects you want to do with your new custom dock and let the craftsmen take care of everything else.

A design at your taste and a robust product by working with a dock manufacturer

Building a wharf requires extensive construction knowledge and know-how. The structure should be light enough to withstand heavy loads without sinking while being sturdy to withstand the force of the water and the changing seasons.
Docks with an aluminum structure offer excellent results for our Quebec climate. Both light and flexible, the material holds up well for decades.

O Quai Dock Quai makes docks with an aluminum structure made to measure to suit all your needs. The team is recognized for the quality of its work and for the personalized care it applies to each project. Get a tailor-made dock that is robust, versatile and in perfect harmony with your design tastes. Contact O Quai Dock Quai now to request the free quote!