4 benefits of doing business with a dock manufacturer

A house at the edge of a water point allows you to enjoy outdoor activities in a whole new way. Whether it is for swimming in summer or doing sports with a boat, the construction of a dock is essential to fully enjoy your access to water.

Fortunately, you have the option of having your dock manufactured so that it perfectly meets your needs and the regulations in place. Discover the 4 advantages of using a dock manufacturer!

1. You benefit from a dock installation that fully meets your needs

A dock is more than a simple installation on the water, it is a complete extension of your home! Do you want to moor your boats like a kayak or a small fishing boat? You just want to have a place near the water to bathe and relax in the summer? Calling on a dock manufacturer will allow you to communicate all your needs to them and get a product that suits your lifestyle!

When installing the dock, you must take several parameters into account. The size of your dock, the materials that will constitute it and whether you should opt for a floating or pole-mounted dock. By entrusting the construction of your dock to a specialist, you make sure that they will study all these characteristics to give you the type of dock you need.


2. The dock manufacturer can advise you on which accessories are right for you

Is your water point deep? Do you want to secure boats on your dock? All of these details determine what type of accessory you will need for your dock. The dock manufacturer knows all types of dock and the accessories available. He will be able to advise you effectively on the purchase of accessories.

If you are not someone manual, your dock manufacturer can install the accessories you want. Dock bench, straight ladder or even a mooring ring, there are many dock accessories.


3. The dock manufacturer knows the regulations in place in your industry

Before building a private dock, you should find out about the regulations in your area. The type of wharf, its size and the activities permitted on the water point vary from one area to another.

A professional dock maker knows the various regulations of the Quebec Ministry of the Environment and will build you a custom product that respects the law. The restrictions put in place by the municipality are generally aimed at protecting the ecosystem.


4. You benefit from superior quality dock construction

Entrust the construction of your dock to a professional manufacturer for a superior quality dock. To build your dock, the specialist will incorporate the latest innovations while adapting the design to the environment where the dock will be installed.

Are you looking for a reliable company to build and install your dock? O Quai Dock Quai builds and installs custom-made docks perfectly suited to the Quebec climate. Contact the company to learn more and to take full advantage of your water point.