Steps before building a dock

Building a dock on your property will allow you to make the most of your access to water. You can moor boats and bask there in the summer. However, before undertaking any dock fabrication work, you must ensure that you follow essential steps such as applying for a permit from your municipality.

Discover all the necessary steps to take before proceeding with the construction of your dock! Avoid fines and protect the living environment that will accommodate your access to water.

Determine what use you will make of your dock

Would you like to have a wharf built on your land to moor a boat? Do you just want a footbridge to the water for swimming and enjoying the good weather in summer? Ask yourself all these questions before starting any work on your dock!

By knowing exactly what activities you plan to do with your dock, you will be able to have a dock built that suits your lifestyle. A wider dock will be suitable for those who wish to bask in the sun while a strong mooring system will be required for a watercraft.


Make sure the construction of your dock does not interfere with the movement of fish

When you have your dock built, you must make sure that it does not interfere with the movement of fish. As soon as a new element disrupts the passage of fish, other consequences occur. Aquatic plants and algae thrive in abundance and cause shore erosion.

The construction of the dock must be undertaken by a specialist who will pay attention to the contact area between the pedestrian access and the shore. These precautions will help preserve the quality of the environment, according to the documents issued by Environment Quebec.

Remember that you have a responsibility towards the living environment in which you live. You can easily build a dock that respects the surrounding flora and fauna by relying on renowned expertise.


Acquire a municipal permit for the manufacture of your dock

Just like building a new house, building a dock requires legal permission. The municipal sector and businesses must obtain a certificate of authorization while individuals can apply for a permit from their municipality.

Your dock construction project will be evaluated by a municipal committee to determine whether it complies with regulations regarding the preservation of the environment. Depending on the size and location of your dock, if it is more than 20 m square or covers more than a tenth of the width of the watercourse, you may be required to pay fees.

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