Everything you need to know about the aluminum dock

If you have access to water on your property, a dock can completely change the way you enjoy it! Several models are available, but the most popular in Quebec are aluminum docks! Both lightweight and resilient, aluminum is the ideal material for resisting the force of water and for easy storage in winter.

Find out everything you need to know about aluminum docks!

Aluminum docks provide good durability and are resilient


Aluminum is an excellent material for custom dock construction. Its great flexibility and resilience absorb shocks and follow the movements of the water. Rigid materials would tend to wear out under the pressure of the movement of the water, while aluminum will be able to bend enough so that it does not crack.

In addition to being flexible, aluminum offers excellent resistance! A dock is always under tension with the movement of water, the mooring of boats and with the passage of bathers. The resilience of aluminum allows it to withstand these pressures without bending or deteriorating prematurely. Aluminum docks provide superior stability! The lightness of the material allows dock manufacturers to develop both pole and floating docks.


Two types of aluminum docks: floating or on poles


When you have a custom-built aluminum dock, you have two options: floating dock or pole-mounted dock. The two alternatives offer different advantages and disadvantages and your choice ultimately depends on how you want to use them!

Floating aluminum dock

Floating aluminum docks appeal to nautical sport enthusiasts for their lower manufacturing cost. Floating docks also offer more flexibility and if you want to rearrange its configuration, all you have to do is move its sections. They adapt perfectly to shallow waters as well as deeper waters. However, be aware that at low tide the floating dock may come close to the ground and you will have to adjust the anchor chain.

Aluminum floating docks are perfect if you want:

  • Swim and snorkel near the deep-water dock
  • Economic
  • Moor boats
  • Change configuration regularly

Aluminum dock on poles

The first advantage of aluminum pole-mounted docks is that they offer much better stability than floating docks. If you want to set up a terrace to receive visitors in summer and enjoy your water access, the pole-mounted docks offer the stability you need. Ideal in shallow water, pole-mounted docks are light and easy to store in winter. However, note that on muddy ground poles may sink in and will require ad hoc maintenance.

Pole docks are ideal if you want:

  • Set up a meeting place on your dock
  • Easy winter storage
  • Moor boats
  • Take advantage of stable access to water
Would you like to have a custom dock built to take advantage of your access to water this summer? At O Quai Dock Quai, we build and install aluminum docks according to your needs! Make our free online submission request to learn more!